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Standard liability insurance will only cover your assets and future income to a limit, and excess insurance can only be used when underlying policies are exhausted. For these reasons, we offer comprehensive umbrella insurance coverage that goes over and above standard policy limits. Our umbrella plans can encompass your auto coverage, homeowners’ insurance policies, health insurance, and more and provide extra protection for hidden expenses that can accrue. Our umbrella policies can also cover claims that may be excluded by other policies, including legal fees associated with false arrest, slander, and invasion of privacy. Contact us now to learn how our umbrella insurance options may serve your needs.

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Legal and medical expenses can often rise past what standard insurance policy allows for. If you’ve ever suffered the loss of property or your vehicle due to damage from an accident or natural disaster, you know how expensive out of pocket fees can be once your coverage ends. Our umbrella plans add extra financial security to your existing insurance plans for a very reasonable price. We can increase your protection for home, health, vehicle disasters as well as legal fees associated with protecting yourself or added expenses due to a loss of income after an injury or disability.

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