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Payroll services were created as a way to take a great deal of legwork away from a company to let them focus on the running of their business rather than the logistics. In its most basic form, payroll services can collect wage and hour information from an employer to ensure that gross wages, withholdings, deductions, checks, direct deposits and taxes are all handled with accuracy. Whether you are looking for this most basic form of payroll management or full employee payroll services, you can count on Lamarca Insurance & Financial Services to handle the job. We have been helping companies all throughout Southwestern Florida with payroll assistance for years, so you can be sure that this important element of your business will be properly handled.

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As a professional employer organization (or PEO), Lamarca Insurance & Financial Services can help your small business in a variety of ways. From managing taxes related to your payroll to even helping with human resources tasks, we can step in and give your team the help they need. While traditional payroll services are a huge help in general, we are proud to offer administrative help as well. We realize that not every business is big enough to have a fully fleshed out HR department and that the cost of having one would be prohibitive. By hiring our team at Lamarca, you can get the same high-quality services you would from an in-house accountant or HR team member all for a much more budget-friendly price. We can do weekly, monthly or yearly tasks for your business to keep things running smoothly and in an organized fashion. If you’re ready to take the weight of payroll responsibilities off your shoulders, call Lamarca for help today.

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