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Are you looking for quality health or life insurance coverage for your employees or yourself? We can help. We offer a wide range of comprehensive plans that match your ideal budget and deductible range to ensure you have the coverage you need. We work with top insurance providers across the nation to lock in low-cost rates, and we’re happy to broker a coverage plan that you’ll love. Find out more by connecting with us today.

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Keep your family’s health care affordable


If you’re in the market for individual coverage or personal insurance for your family, don’t search alone. We have access to thousands of plans for Florida residents that are comprehensive enough to meet all of your requirements while maintaining a low-cost deductible and premium. From general practitioner office visits to prescriptions, dental and vision care, emergency, and urgent care, and extended hospital care and physical therapy treatments, our health insurance options are designed to cover your family’s needs. Call us now to learn how we can best serve you.

Health Care
Disability Coverage

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Disability Coverage Options


If you’ve suffered an injury due to an accident, there’s a good chance it will impact your ability to earn income. Our disability coverage protects your income during a recovery period, ensuring you have some stream of revenue coming in while you recuperate. We offer both individual long term insurance and group long term disability protection that will compensate you for a percentage of your average income, offering benefits that last up to age 65. No matter the medical emergency, you can rely on Lamarca Insurance to help you find coverage for your living expenses as you move forward to wellness.

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Employer Health Care Packages Options


Today’s business climate requires that even small businesses offer some form of medical coverage for their employees to retain top talent. We offer affordable employer healthcare options that can scale to your needs and work with your budget.

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Senior Care Coverage


If you’re planning on retiring soon, don’t hesitate to examine your current Medicare needs and expected expenses. All too often, policyholders find their standard plans won’t cover every medical cost. We offer affordable Medicare supplemental coverage that can help pay for co-payments, deductibles, and other expenses traditional plans don’t handle. We also provide Medicare Advantage Plans that deliver Part A and Part B benefits, special-needs coverage, and work with medical savings accounts. Call us now to learn how you can supplement and prepare for any medical necessity.

Senior Care

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Life Insurance


We offer a wide range of life insurance options that can match your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for short term insurance plans or lifelong protection, we aggregate quality insurance solutions from top carriers across the country. Our term and permanent life insurance options include:

 Level Term Insurance

 Yearly Renewable Term

 Whole Life

 Life And more.

 Decreasing Term Insurance

 Universal Life

 Variable Life


Our term plans can effectively cover additional needs, including mortgages, educational expenses, and vehicle loans, and our permanent plans can be customized to handle final expenses, charitable contributions, and see to the needs of your remaining loved ones. Contact us today for more information.

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Annuity Funding Your Retirement


Setting up an annuity with us will ensure you and your spouse have a steady, consistent stream of income that can’t be outlived. In exchange for a low monthly payment, you can create an effective financial safety net for your golden years, making this a must-have for any retirement fund planning. While early withdrawals do carry a penalty charge, a majority of annuities allow for insurance provisions that include death benefits and minimum guarantees. Our annuity options include:


 Immediate Lifetime
 Deferred Fixed
 Variable Indexed and CD
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