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Are you looking for Cheap Homeowners Insurance In Port Charlotte Florida? We can help you. We offer many plans and options that will fit anyone’s budget. We have specialists that will work with you to get the coverage you may need. Call and talk to one of our specialists today (941-206-0033) or fill out our Contact Us Form and someone will get back with you as soon as possible. Now is the time to make sure you have the right insurance that will protect your property.

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, do you have it protected? There are many things to consider when selecting a Homeowners Policy, and the coverage that it offers. We offer Homeowners Insurance based on your needs today, not based on what your needs were in the past. Because your home is likely one of your most valuable, and precious assets, we will review your policy annually to be sure your coverages are still suitable based on your home’s value, the assets contained in the home, and or on your property. To assist you in determining what coverage you desire, please take a look at the Homeowners Terms listed below.

We can provide Homeowners Insurance on your Primary, Secondary, and Seasonal Residence whether it is a Single Family Home, Condo or Mobile Home.

Our goal is to find you the policy that fits your needs at a price you can afford. Many Insurance Carriers offer discounts for the following: Deadbolt Locks, Fire Extinguishers, Monitored Fire & Burglar Alarms, Fire Sprinklers, Roof Shape, Recently Constructed Homes, Construction Type, Hurricane Shutters/Impact Glass, and Multiple Policies with the Carrier.

Homeowners Terms

Dwelling Coverage: Provides funds to replace or repair your home in the event of damage caused due to a covered peril.

Replacement Cost: Is the cost to replace your home with like kind and quality in the event of a total loss.

Actual Cash Value: Is the Replacement Cost less depreciation.

Personal Property Coverage: Covers the cost to replace the personal contents of your home that are not a permanent part of the dwelling. This coverage only applies in the event of loss due to a covered peril.

Loss of Use: Provides financial assistance while your home is being repaired if the home is unlivable as a result of a covered loss.

Personal Liability: It will protect you, your spouse, and related residents under the age of 21 for claims you’re legally obligated to pay. Such as injury, illness, sickness, disease, and death. This coverage may also cover the cost of defending claims against you.

Medical Expense: May pay for injuries to parties that do not reside in the covered dwelling for which you are legally responsible.

Peril: Is a hazard or risk such as but not limited to fire, lightning, wind or hail.


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