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While you may have an excellent business plan in place, wonderful employees, and a location to rival your competitors, if you don’t have adequate commercial insurance, you’re risking it all. Business insurance can cover you from slip and fall liability, theft, fire, and damage to your products and inventory. At Lamarca Insurance, we’re committed to finding affordable insurance options that will provide you with peace of mind at a competitive price. Contact us today.

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Comprehensive Business Insurance Solutions


We offer a wide range of insurance plans and protection for every business need. From employee healthcare and workers’ compensation to property damage, flood, fire, and theft, we offer comprehensive protection at cost-effective rates. We also specialize in business bonds, commercial vehicles, and term and permanent life insurance solutions. Ensure your business has the protection it needs to thrive by contacting the professionals at Lamarca Insurance today.

Business Insurance

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General Liability


We offer commercial contractor bonds, judicial bonds, and bid bonds that ensure your hired team of professionals provides the best possible service. From state-mandated payment and performance bonds for municipal construction projects to license and permit bonds to ensure legal business operation in cities throughout the state, you can rely on us to deliver the documentation and coverage your business needs. We also offer agricultural product dealer bonds, process server bonds, probate bonds, janitorial bonds, dishonesty bonds, and public official bonds for applicants throughout Florida.

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Builders Risk Policy


Buildings under construction are subject to various risks. From fires to theft, to unforeseen natural disasters, building owners and commercial builders are left to pick up the pieces. Builders risk insurance helps protect your property and your investment from the ground up. Whether you are building a new residential complex or a commercial structure, we can help.

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Commercial Auto Protection


If you require your employees to drive company-owned vehicles, don’t neglect to protect them and yourself with high-quality, comprehensive commercial auto insurance. We offer discount rates on multiple vehicle coverage, and we can ensure you feel at ease while your team members travel for business purposes. Find out more about our commercial vehicle plans by calling us now.

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Property Insurance Options


Our property insurance plans offer comprehensive protection of your commercial property from theft, fire, flooding, and other unforeseen circumstances that damage your product inventory, or ability to provide services to your clients. We can customize your coverage options to include any unique item, or accommodate any special request for a competitive price. When you need effective commercial property protection, there’s no better choice than Lamarca Insurance.

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Protecting yourself from on-the-job liability claims can help to serve your employees’ medical needs and ensure your business can afford to operate after a workplace accident. We carry a wide range of workers’ compensation coverage options that will meet your immediate needs while protecting you in the future from any unforeseen incidents. Learn more by contacting us today.

Workers’ Compensation

Dividend Plans

Are you getting a Dividend on your Workers Comp Insurance? Dividend plans are designed for smaller employers who do not qualify for a retention plan. Dividend plans come in three basic types. We will work with you to help you choose the policy that best suits your business.



A flat dividend plan will pay a set percentage dividend at the end of your policy term.

Sliding-Scale Dividend Plans


A sliding-scale dividend plan will reimburse you based on the ratio of your losses relative to your premium payouts over a policy term.

Combination Dividend Plans


Combining elements of a sliding-scale and flat dividend plan.

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