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Automobile Insurance is more costly in Florida compared to any other state. The majority of people do not understand the reason why it is so high in Florida. One of the causes is that Florida is one of the most popular tourist and vacation spots. Visitors come from worldwide to visit Walt Disney World, go scuba diving in the Florida Keys, or leave on a vacation cruise to the Caribbean. Everyone is permitted to drive here with very little or minimum education on our laws. Another reason is our weather conditions. Florida is impacted every few years by a hurricane. All of the major insurance companies can establish an insurance company to insure Florida only risks, instead of spreading the risk throughout multiple States and help defer the expense to lower risk States which would most likely lower the state of Florida’s insurance costs. Florida has more auto insurance companies than most states. Some of the auto insurance carriers are companies like State Farm, Allstate, Bristol West, Infinity, Farmers Insurance Company, Argus Insurance, AIG, Mercury Insurance Company, Star Casualty, Leader Insurance Group, and many more. The more auto insurance carriers that are in the State of Florida the more competitive the auto insurance rates will be for the consumer.

Automobile Insurance is mandatory in the State of Florida, but there is no need to burden yourself with the task of finding what’s right, we are happy to do that for you! Whether you are a new car owner, have a policy ready to expire, or just want to save some money, we are here to help. Insurance is a very confusing matter to most, as there are many types of coverage available and carriers to choose from. The State of Florida requires all auto owners to carry Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage however; you may need or want additional coverage.

Lamarca Insurance, located in Port Charlotte Florida, represents more than 10 companies that write only auto insurance.

There are some Personal Auto Terms that you should know to be sure you understand your coverage. Please view the Personal Auto Terms below to learn more.

Personal Auto Terms

Personal Injury Protection (a.k.a. PIP or No-Fault Insurance) provides payment for the insured driver, children and household members of the insured and other passengers that do not have PIP coverage of their own. PIP is very broad coverage which may provide medical benefits, disability benefits, and death benefits to an injured party, regardless of fault. Minimum of $10,000 REQUIRED by the State of Florida.

Property Damage is liability coverage which pays for damages caused by your vehicle to another person’s property from an accident for which you are at fault. In most cases, this coverage will provide you with legal representation. Minimum of $10,000 REQUIRED by the State of Florida.

Bodily Injury is liability coverage that pays for bodily injury or death resulting from an accident for which you are at fault. In most cases, this coverage will provide you with legal representation.

Uninsured Motorist offers coverage for your injuries, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering which occur in an auto accident with an uninsured motorist.

Comprehensive provides coverage in the event of damage or loss to an insured vehicle caused by incidents other than a collision. This includes damage due to theft, fire, vandalism, windstorm or other perils.

Collision covers damage to your vehicle in the event of a collision. The collision must be written in conjunction with Comprehensive.

Roadside Assistance provides payment for towing to a qualified repair facility in the event of a breakdown, as well as a specified amount of coverage for labor at the site of your disabled vehicle due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, dead battery, flat tire, lockout, etc.

Rental Reimbursement covers the cost to rent a vehicle if you have a claim that is covered under Comprehensive or Collision. Daily rental amounts are subject to the limits purchased.

SR 22 (Financial Responsibility Form) is a document that shows proof of financial responsibility. You’ll need an SR-22 if the police caught you driving without insurance or if you received a DUI or DWI, or any serious moving violation or at-fault accident while driving without insurance.

FR 44 is just like the SR 22 but with increased limits required by the State of Florida.

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